Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa, top picked by most travelers who love to experience wildlife and nature. It is commonly dubbed as a country of a thousand hills due to the endless mountains in this scenically stunning country. The Capital City of Rwanda (Kigali) is considered to be the cleanest city in Africa, and among the top secure cities, full of skyscrapers. Night can’t be differentiated from the day, due to City lights everywhere, & the tight security in the City, activities go on even in night hours. Some shops & supermarkets work 24/7, and people are free to move in night hours with no faint feeling of insecurity. The land of 1000 hills is full of adventure & exotic experiences for nature lovers & researchers. Many people Visit Rwanda on family vacations, for honeymoon, or to explore business opportunities, in conferences and workshops.


The Northern part of the country is overlapped by a chain of 8 volcanoes called the Virunga Mountains, most of which are dormant. These mountains are a haven to Mountain Gorillas, which are the few remaining species of their kind, hence more protected as they rank at the top of the main attractions for the country. Most Travelers visit Rwanda to experience Gorilla Trekking.


On the other side of the country, travelers get a chance to encounter nature & wildlife in Akagera National Park which hosts other species like lions, elephants, hippos, and more. While Nyungwe Forest National Park protects extensive tracts of montane rainforest and is home to many primates & birds.
Rwanda has a rich biodiversity, most of which are harbored in open area National Parks like Nyungwe, Akagera, and volcanoes national parks. Some of the animals you may expect to find in Rwanda include primates like the rare Mountain Gorillas, not forgetting swaying colobus monkeys, baboons & golden monkeys. The Big Five Animals (Lions, Buffaloes, Rhinos, Leopards, and Elephants.). Akagera hosts many other species like crocodiles, rhinos, zebras, impala, warthogs, waterbucks, giraffes, and more. Numerous bird species (275 species in total) can also be found in Nyungwe National park for bird lovers,


The country also features some of the best inland beaches on the continent, a few miles away from the Virunga mountains in Gisenyi.


Regardless of your traveling reasons, here is a quick overview of top activities travelers who visit Rwanda undertake, that you should try for yourself. Though people visit Rwanda for diverse reasons, most of them won’t return to their countries without getting to some of these places. Genocide Memorial Sites, National Parks, Museums, Water Bodies, Caves, Kigali City


Every country has its own unique culture, and Rwanda is no exception. It has its own way of dancing, our fashion styles, the favorite dishes by locals, and activities most people are preoccupied with. Most researchers, historians, & other visitors of Rwanda, get a chance to learn more about the Rwandan culture by visiting cultural museums and embarking on Cultural tours, where they get a chance to participate in the activities done by the locals while walking in their shoes they get a chance to experience the Rwandan culture firsthand. Some visitors even get involved in upcoming festivals and concerts in Rwanda, to get a feel of what it’s really like to be a Rwandan. Every last Saturday of the month, people across the country, big & small, do community service to make their environment better, it’s called UMUGANDA Day. Even the President participates in this activity to set a good example to the people he leads.

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